Saindhavi in “Kannan en Kadhalan” Recent Thematic Presentation

The recent thematic presentation ‘ Kannan en Kadhalan ‘ by Saindhavi at PSBB millennium school was a unique and different experience. As the title suggests , the concert was based on love for Krishna by Radha , Meera and Yashodha. It comprised of songs sung by Bharat Ratna Smt. M.S.Subhulakshmi and also other popular songs on Krishna . It was a very soulful rendition and many a times the audience were emotionally moved . Starting from the most popular Srimannarayana till Kurai ondrum illai at the end , the concert was like a journey with narration through out which was narrated by Krithika Shurajit. The added advantage of the concert was her accompanists A.S.Ram on the keyboard, Vishnu vijay on the flute, Ramakrishnan on mridangam and Vasanth on the tabla. They travelled very beatifully along with Saindhavi which was a real treat to the ears. Whether it was the melodious giridhara gopala or the peppy pag ghunghuroo or the soulful udal uruga, Saindhavi pulled it off with elan and mesmerised the audience with her voice and soulful rendition. The songs priye charusheele,nandabala , bhujath Shyam and others hit a nostalgic note among the audience . Not to forget Aasai mugam , narayana jagadhodharana and others were beatifully rendered by the whole team. The short and crisp thaniavarthanam played by ramakrishnan and vasanth for the song maravene was enjoyable. The highlight of the concert was that each and every artist on the stage thoroughly enjoyed while singing and playing. A.S.Ram and Vishnu were brilliant in certain background music interludes and are definitely artists who have to be looked out for . The concert turned out to be an experience to remember for everybody who were present there on that day inspite of the mosquitoes and aeroplane noises. It was a very laudable effort by the whole team and makes you look forward for more from the team.