Sathyaraj in Amaidhi Padai-2?

With remakes and sequels emerging as a trend in Tamil cinema, the latest addition to the list seems to be Sathyaraj’s 1994 super hit Amaidhi Padai.

The film directed by Manivannan will have a sequel soon. According to sources, Manivannan is planning to direct Amaidhai Padai-2 as his 50th venture as director.

Sathyaraj is expected to play the lead role in the second part as well.

In the first part, the story revolved around how a poor man built his political career through short routes. Satyaraj did a dual role as father and son. This film is touted as one of Satyaraj’s best performance till date.

Amaidhi Padai was the most successful among the Pongal releases of 1994. The critics praised the film and declared it as ‘Asathal Padai’.