Shweta Menon boycotted

Actress Shweta Menon whose delivery was captured live for Blessys M-Town flick, Kalimannu, was criticised for commercialising the most private affair of a woman. Basheer, president of Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation, says, We are concerned about the movies content. If the director includes the delivery scene, we will definitely boycott it.

It all started when Kerala Speaker G Karthikeyan condemned Shwetha for allowing her delivery to be recorded live on camera. Director Blessy was also not spared. He was criticised for shooting the delivery for commercial purpose. According to the Speaker, such an act is a breach on morality. Blessys Kalimannu is about the bond shared by a mother and child, right from pregnancy. Shwetha had delivered the baby at a Mumbai hospital in the presence of her husband Srivalsan Menon, Blessy and three camera crew members.