Spanish Film Festival Scheduled From 28th To 30th August 2017

INDO CINE APPRECIATION FOUNDATION with the support of Cinema Republic, Spain, are organizing a Spanish Film Festival, from 28th to 30th August 2017 at Alliance Francaise of Madras, 24. College Road, Chennai – 6, as per under-noted schedule:

Southern Cross / Cruz Del Sur / 2012 / 92 min / Dir: David Sanz, Tony López (28.08.17 – 6.30 pm)
The life of Juan falls apart when the laboratory for which he works announces his dismissal. Before the difficult situation that the country lives, it decides to immigrate of its native Montevideo to Barcelona. There he meets Mariano, Argentine friend of the bulo and the autobombo, who dreams of Hollywood while he survives as a waiter. Thanks to him, he will get to work and see the dream of getting his family together. Together with her new friend and Julia, the young waitress who will jeopardize their marriage, will know Barcelona. But nostalgia and an unexpected twist will make you realize that what you want, really, is closer than you ever could imagine. Awards: 1 win

The Exile / EL DESTIERRO / 2015 / 87 min / Dir: Arturo Ruiz Serrano (29.08.17 – 6.30 pm)
During the Spanish Civil War, Teo is destined for a small fortress of vigilance, which is in a cold and inhospitable place in the mountains. There he meets Silverio, his new partner, with whom he will have to live together for six long months. The different personalities of these two men will provoke many tensions, also accentuated by the limited space. The fragile coexistence is broken with the arrival of Zoska, a young militant who finds wound in the surroundings. Awards: 3 wins & 4 nominations

MENU FOR TWO / 2014 / 88 min / Dir: Robert Bellsolà (29.08.17 – 8.00 pm)
Oscar, an intelligent stockbroker in the big city, and Dan, an awkward bum of town, get great news: they’re brothers. Now they are trapped to share the heritage of their late father, a decaying rustic style restaurant, in the middle of nowhere. Awards: 1 nomination

CARMINA O REVIENTA / 2012 / 71 min / Dir: Paco León (30.08.17 – 6.30 pm)
CARMINA is a 58 year old lady who runs a sale in Seville where Iberian products are sold. After suffering several thefts and not finding the support of the insurer, he invents a way to recover the money to get his family forward. While waiting for the outcome of his plan, he reflects on his home kitchen about his life, work and miracles. Awards: 5 wins & 9 nominations

Hassan’s Way / EL RAYO / 2013 / 86 min / Dir: Fran Araújo (30.08.17 – 7.40 pm)
After thirteen years in Spain, Hassan no longer finds work so he decides to embark on the journey home. Invest all your savings on a second hand tractor to make a living in your country and take it to Morocco driving. When he arrived in Spain he had nothing, now he returns with his only possession: the Ray. Awards: 2 wins & 2 nominations