SPB lends his voice for a Tamil Play

Legendary singer S P Balasubramaniam has sung for a Tamil play for the first time. The singer has recorded 14 tracks for a historical play titled ‘Vadavooran’ which has been staged and will be staged again this week. Eventually, all the tracks from it will also be released as an album soon. G Krishnamurthy, who has conceived and directed the play said in a report that,’ As the play’s content revolves around the life and times of Manickavasagar, we felt we needed a powerful voice to convey the emotion and meaning, behind the Thiruvasagam which he wrote. And who better can SPB can do that?’

Though the each track of his was just about a minute each, the versatile singer took some time to understand the nuances behind the short tracks before delivering them. Music composer Giridharan, a self- confessed SPB fan said, ‘ When delivering his lines, SPB sir almost became the character-he has even cried aloud in one of the tracks, to deliver the exact emotion. The play has been made richer because of SPB’s magnificent voice.’