Sridevi's plans

Veteran actor Sridevi is making her comeback in Bollywood almost after 16 years. With her comeback, the gorgeous actress has some special plans.For her upcoming film ENGLISH VINGLISH, she has now decided to visit all the multiplexes in Mumbai next month to see the audiences reactions. Curious to know the feedback of the film, director Gauri Shinde will also be accompanying her.

‘To see the audiences’ honest reaction, Sridevi will find a way to sneak in without being recognized. She and Gauri are working out a plan where they will walk in once the film begins and leave early to avoid getting recognised,’ says an insider close to the film. In the Toronto Film Festival, the film even received 10 minutes standing ovation. ‘The 2,000-seater theatre was completely packed. Sridevi felt it was a great sight to see people reacting in such a manner to her film after so many years. That’s when she decided to visit theatres in Mumbai too,’ says the insider. Gauri Shinde confirmed, ‘As far as the Toronto screening is concerned, it was full of laughter and claps. It was an amazing experience to see people reacting in such a great manner.’