Stars reunite at ‘Evergreen 80s’

They shaped and nurtured a generations dreams in the 80s. They were more than actors for the audience, representing the realities and fantasies of life. They have now come to the peaks of their careers and some of them still lead the way. It was a reunion of the southern stars for at the ‘Evergreen 80s’, organised by Suhasini Maniratnam much recently.

With Rajnikanth other southern stars Chiranjeevi, Mohanlal, Venkatesh, Ambareesh and Ramesh Aravind joined the reunion this time. Mohan, and Arjun also took part. Among actresses Radhika, Radha, Suhasini, Lisi Priyadharshan, Saritha, Sumalatha, Ambika, Kushboo and Poornima Bhagyaraj are among those who attended the function. They spent the evening with music and dance. The actors will meet at ‘Evergreen 80s’ every year, each time in a different State.