Ten days for biggies in Kollywood calendar

Ten days for biggies in Kollywood calendar From 1 June, the big star films, that are made for over Rs 16 crore, will see its release only on ten pre-determined holidays (Pongal, Republic Day, Tamil New Years Day, May Day, Vinayaka Chathurthi, Independence Day, Deepavali, Vijayadasami, Ramzan and Christmas).

TFPC president Kalaipuli S Dhanu, said, ‘It will facilitate smooth release of small and medium biudget movies all round the year’.

There are several dangers and problems in allowing big budget films to hold monopoly over the box office, especially If smaller budget films stop being made. This is not good for business nor is it healthy for the cinema industry. That is why this decision has been taken by the Executive Committee and the General Body, said Dhanu