The rising K-Town is on a new avatar!

The Directors are very much looking forward for channelizing the launch of India’s first official website for Tamilnadu Film Director’s Association (TANTIS). The website is filled in with bundle of information, news, updates and Bio-data of all the Directors. Each members are provided with login ID and password to access the history and chronology of Tamil Cinema from 1931 till 2010. It also appends revelation such as censor scripts, e-books, trailer videos, news and events with more than 1000s of Hollywood posters with timeline.

Links add up with 12 hour Director’s TV reporting the events happening in K-town. The Board Directors have stated that this website will be a leading platform for all the upcoming Directors for posting their short films for free of cost! Not only this, but they are also focusing on Blood Donation for the needed by making use of the available blood group data on the website page.So what to wait for??!

This Grand Gala is all set to break ground on Chennai by 28th August, 2012 at our very own Sathyam Cinemas! So members be there by 9 o clock to buckle the opportunity live!!

The Official Website of The Tamil Nadu Film Director’s Association is