Udhayanidhi speaks about his next

Thanks to OKOK, producer Udhayanidhi announced his arrival as actor. Directed by M Rajesh, the movie featured Santhanam alongside him. Hansika played his ladylove. Now the buzz is the movie has made it in Telugu too. The dubbed version in Telugu has won name and fame for him there.

‘I did not sleep for ten days during the release. I never thought the film would be such a big hit,’ says Udayanidhi. Udhay says that he will be finalising the script for his next film soon and reveals that he will not work without Santhanam.

Harris Jeyraj will be there too. ‘Lot of people said they saw the film ten times, and my grandfather said that it didnt look like my first film that was my biggest compliment. I did a lot of rehearsals, took a handy cam etc .When I see Aadhavan I feel embarrassed, I wish I had done it better.’