Uyirr Mozhi Full of Life

The audio of Uyirmozhi was launched in Chennai on Thursday. Also, the cast and crew of the movie interacted with the media.

Director Raja has conceived Uyir Mozhi, with DNA as its central theme. He says it would a simple one and would be loved by all.

His experience as a creative director in an international advertising agency based in South Africa and the interesting association he had with a person who worked in a DNA lab prompted him to take up this theme.

‘I have traced the evolution of DNA in mankind from the Ice Age onwards. In todays world, you will not find an Alpha, or the perfect man. The others representing Beta, Delta, Gamma and Omega always strive for the qualities of an Alpha,’ he says.

He adds: ‘It is in this context that my films characters are created the focus is largely on the emotional aspect. In my research, I have also found that a Delta man from a European country will differ a lot in his behavioral pattern from his Asian or Indian counterpart’.