We are friends: Mahath & Manoj

Actors Mahath and Manchu Manoj, who were in the news for their alleged fight after a party, have said they remain good friends.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mahath said, ‘I wish to inform all the press and friends that the misunderstanding that had happened between me and Mr. Manoj Manchu has been solved amicably. Mr. Manoj Manchu and we go long back in time as good friends. I am glad that the issue has been resolved and we continue to be good friends. I would like to thank the press for their extended support; it means a lot!’

In his statement, Manoj Manchu said, ‘Unfortunately, I have come to hear of some rumours being spread around about our so called fight, both in the media as well as in the social circles, which is causing deep hurt to both of us. In fact, Mahath is hurt reading these reports and I have to apologize for the agony caused. We continue to be very good friends. We also wish this clear the air.’