What Kamal spoke at felicitation function?

What Kamal spoke at felicitation function After he was conferred Life Time Achievement award by Tamil Chamber of Commerce, Ulaga Nayakan Kamal Haasan, said, ”Needless to say, I am honoured to be the recipient of this award. When I was young, I was always part of the audience in this very stage. I have seen famous actors and directors addressing the gathering, wondering if I will ever get to be on the stage. Finally the day has come, it has been a long beautiful journey.’

‘I am thankful to my family who let me take up this profession instead of stifling my dreams. If I had not taken up this profession, I would’ve been a very average boy since my heart would’ve always throbbed for this. Even if I had not made it big as an actor, I would be still watching cinema. Cinema is my passion, not profession,’ said Kamal Haasan.

‘When I was just 17, R C Shakthi (film director) gave me a small notebook and encouraged me to write scripts. The applause I get while performing is what keeps me going strong,’ he added.