Raindropss Iftar Celebrations Along With Underprivileged Childrens Photos

Music Director Ghibran, A.R.Raihanah, Taj Noor, Mukesh at Raindropss Iftar Celebrations along with underprivileged children

Raindropss widely popular in delivering social awareness messages to the public through entertainment and media, having Music Director A.R.Raihanah (Oscar winning music composer, A.R.Rahman’s sister) as the Brand Ambassador of the youth based social organization, organized for an Iftar celebration yesterday.

Music Directors Ghibran, A.R.Raihanah, Taj Noor, Playback Singers Mukesh, Shamsudeen, Organic Scientist Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail, Religious Heads and many others participated in the Iftar celebrations along with the less privileged children from Seers Home. After breaking the fast, Shamudeen’s Gentlemen Orchestra presented soulful devotional music and the place was completely filled with divine energy.

We wanted to celebrate Ramzan like all other functions with no religious difference, we are from a secular country we have the right to be free from religious rules and teachings. We take immense pleasure to celebrate Raman in this holy moth. kids were gifted with new dresses and treated with Eid Milan Feast,’ says Aravind, Founder and Creative Head of Raindropss.