South Indian Dance Directors Press Meet Stills

The Fourteen famous Non Co-operated by Cine Dance and Dance Directors Association due to Dance Directors
opening a seperate wing only for Dance directors. This has been wrongly objected by Cine Dance and Dance directors Association.
When we discuss with the Swingers Murali (Dance Director) he told in Bombay there is a separate Association for the dance directors
and dancers, In ChennAi Camera man seperate light man separate and technician separate then agent union separate junior artists separate
Production Assistant Separate and vessel cleaners separate and cooking association separate. This above work all one nature only but they having individual Associations like that we approach our association to separate Dance Directors Association and it’s also registered by Government in the name called
South Indian Dance Directors due to this the famous 14 choreographers non-co operated and supplied bit notice with their pictures
to all the 22 Associations.

Due to this more than 300 dancers suffering for jobless this totally wrong conception of office barer of Cine Dance and Dance Directors. If it is not cleared in a week this will blast big strike again for the Industry