Taiwanese Film Festival Inauguration Stills

(30th, 31st May, 1st & 2nd June 2016)

Synopsis :

Twa Tiu Tiann /125 min/Hoklo and Mandarin/Director: Yeh Tien 30thMay 6-15pm

Jack, whiles away his days chasing girls and hanging out with friends. One day, during a field trip to a museum, Jack notices a painting on display, by name, “Festival on South Street”, a painting of Dihua Street by Kuo Hsueh-hu, and takes a photograph of the work. Suddenly, everything in the painting comes to life, and Jack finds himself transported back to 1920s Dadaocheng. Jack is taken in by Ginger, who runs a textile shop in the area. To his surprise, Jack finds among Ginger’s helpers his history professor, who discovered the painting’s secret and has been returning to the past constantly to court Ginger.Jack’s eagerness to return to the 21st century dissipates when he meets, Rose a young Taiwanese geisha.
Forever Love/A ma de meng zhong qing ren /2013/124min/Directors: Toyoharu Kitamura , Aozaru Shiao 31st May 6-30pm

A story about chasing dreams and following your heart. A bubbly aspiring actress and a charming screenwriter team up to shake up the movie sets during the swinging 60s, when Taiwanese film industry once thrived, earning the little hot spring district of Beitou the name “Taiwan Hollywood!”
Awards : 2 wins & 3 nominations
Together/Taiwan/2012, /colour, /1.85:1, /114 mins/Directed by Hsu Chao-jen 1st June 6-30pm

Together’s ensemble is built around 17-year-old Xiao Yang (Shao-Yang Huang), who sees how those around him are wrecked by heartache even as they maintain a false front of contentedness. Both of his parents spend most of their time at their separate workplaces; not out of work ethic, but because each has developed feelings for another and would rather dwell on their new love than sit around with their old spouse. Xiao Yang’s sister has made a string of bad relationships, and her latest seems no improvement. Even his schoolmates bicker and deceive one another as relationships sour or wither on the vine. Determined to cure everyone of their misery, Xiao Yang employs seemingly off-hand suggestions, covertly written love letters, to bring happiness and improve his own romantic options.
Awards:3 wins & 8 nominations
It Takes Two to Tango/2014/104 mins/ Taiwanese/Director: Wan Jen 2nd June 6-00pm

Chinese Mainlander Zhao moves to Taiwan pursue the love of his life, Shin-Ye. However, due to the historical turmoil between Taiwan and Mainland China, Shin-Ye’s family refuses to let Zhao marry her. As Shin-Ye’s pregnancy comes to light,Zhao’s parents travel to Taiwan to salvage the situation. The two cultures clash, culminating in many hilarious moments of fiery confrontation. Just when all hope seem lost, the two families’ grandfathers seem to find a common place for them all..
A Time in Quchi/2013/Shu jia zuo ye/109min /Director: Tso-chi Chang 2nd June 7-45pm

Northern Taiwan, 3 Jul 2012. Ten year-old Kuan Hsiao-pao is driven by his father to the home of his recently widowed grandfather in the Quchi hills south of Taipei. His parents are considering getting divorced and, because they are both busy, spend little time with him. Hsiao-pao has to adjust to country life, living with his strict grandfather and without any internet, but he also has been given some homework to do in his summer break, to write an essay on “the most interesting 20 days of my summer holiday”. At the school, Hsiao-pao makes a friend in aboriginal boy Huang Ming-chuan and his tubby friend Pao-tzu. He’s also liked by a poor girl student, nicknamed Bear. One day Ming-chuan has a serious accident in the river and is taken to hospital.