Kurangu Kaila Poo Maalai Movie Stills

The man of true love been betrayed by a girl, with that pain he stan to live mavric way of life.
and he then take revenge on every women he meet by traping them by acting like ture love.
using them for his thirst and ditch them all. And that becomes his routine. The another man wish to love only one girl and get married to her and live till end. Another arrogant man fights for his rights to get married to his sister’s daughter. Another man who didn’t want to get in to wedding knot but wish to have new relationship everyday with different girls as time pass. The heroin is a innocent girl Getting tangled like a pray on spider web with these four different characters.

Whether she is going to survive.?

What will happen to those Mixed minded personalities? Will those four males get succeed in
thier motive?

Our movie revolving arround them with interesting twist and turns.
That is”Kurangu Kaila Poo maalai” (garland in the hands of monkey)