Kamal Haasan Plans Viswaroopam 2

Kamal Haasan has revealed that he is planning a sequel to his forthcoming magnum opus Viswaroopam.

‘I am looking at a sequel to Viswaroopam. We are prepping it. I have a script in hand,’ the ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ said in his interview to The Times of India.

He added: ‘I read some media report the other day saying Kamal has overshot hence he is making a sequel. This is truly insulting and I would like to clarify that this is not true. I know there is scope for a sequel here. Instead of making a three and a half hour film, I decided to tell the rest of the story in a sequel.’

‘Is Viswaroopam, written, produced and directed by you, your most ambitious project?’ To this question, he replied: Im borrowing a line from writer-filmmaker Ingmar Bergman here. He said every time I do a film I think this is the last film. It could be. We dont really know. Hypothetically, what would I do if this were my last film?. ‘

He added: ‘I dont know if I will be allowed to make another film. Anything unforeseen can happen. So every film that I
make, I just put everything I have in it. ‘