Kamal's Hollywood Project titled.

Riding high with the overwhelming response for this latest project ‘Viswaroopam’, India’s most talented actor is now making another big leap in his career.

This time he will be working for a Hollywood studio to make another stunning film. After watching the highly acclaimed technical brilliance and storytelling capabilities of Kamal in Viswaroopam, Hollywood producer Barrie M Osborne decided to do a project with Kamal.

This guy is the producer of award winning films like Lord Of The Rings trilogy and The Water Horse. This duo was to collaborate long back but somehow that got delayed. Both Kamal and Osborne will act as producers for this international project.

Kamal’s Hollywood venture is titled as ‘All Are Kin’ and the film will focus on Indian history and culture. Sources revealed that Kamal will film this flick both in Telugu and Tamil too along with the English version. Let us wish our talented actor-director will make India’s name ring in Hollywood with this project.