One an one man show

There is always a fascination to watch Hollywood movies and that too films that were made with a
difference. Unique is the word we often listen be it Hollywood or Bollywood or our own Tamil film

After striking a chord with a unique film Vengayam, that gave a voice for rationalist thinking in
the society-ridden with superstitious thoughts, director Sankagiri Rajkumar is all set for making an
impossible thing possible. Indeed an unique attempt, never ever tried before in any cinema across
the globe.

We have come across an actor doing majority of characters or a filmmaker donning different hats
behind the camera. But one individual doing everything and anything? That is Sankagiri Rajumar for
you. Emboldened by the success of Vengayam, which received critical acclaims not just from the
media but also from the masses, Rajkumar is all set to entertain the film-buffs across the world with
a new movie in English titled One.

Quite appropriate to the title, it is a one man show. Be it from pin to plane, it is he who has handled
everything. He has taken control of all 36 departments involved in making a film, all alone and
embarked on a journey in his own capacity. Also all the characters that appear in the movie are
enacted by him.

A novoice in cinema, he came with a dream in 2003 to do such a unique attempt. After mastering
himself in all post production works and get a first hand knowledge of anything and everything in
film-making, he commenced his One.

Be it a spot boy, a camera assistant or a set designer, it is all Sankagiri Rajkumar himself. He appears
in over 300 different characters with appropriate computer graphic works ( all done by himself),
he is all set to create a visual marvel. Visual effects for doing a moving frame is no easy task. But an
avid lover of cinema, he has learnt the technic well to use it in the film at many places and for many

Camera is his one eye, acting the other. Directing, music, editing, dubbing, himself for all these
characters run in his veins. Besides choosing locations himself across the globe, Rajkumar has taken
all pains to embark on a journey all alone to these places without the help of anyone to shoot a
wholesome entertainer.

For a theatre sequence where over 500 people sit and watch, Rajkumar has used graphics in such a
way that it is all himself created on screen as audience, thanks to his mastery in visual designing.

Ask about the story, Rajkumar says, it is something relevant for the international audience as well as
the Indian film-lovers. But for me everything will come with a message in the end.

Asked him whether doing everything all alone and by himself was a difficult task, he says, it was a
huge challenge. Unless and until you master the art and give your best, nothing will come good. I
planned to study all in five years, but took over nine years and many sleepless nights

For those who cannot believe that all was his hard work, Rajkumar has taken pains to record the
making of the film in all stages of film-making, which stands as an evidence for his hard work.

Asked whether there will be a monotonous film since all done by one individual, he says, it would
be like a regular film. It would provide the feel and excitement of watching any other mainstream

Impressed with his task, a famous Hollywood producer has invited him to screen the trailer in USA.
Rajkumar is hopeful that One will impress one and all. With 80 per cent of the work completed, he is
planning worldwide release very soon.