Rahman speaks about his Hollywood album

R Rahman states that his latest Hollywood project the DreamWorks drama People Like U marks a change of artistic pace for him.

The Oscar-and Grammy-winning Rahman has installed a sound studio in his Los Angeles residence, and it was there that he composed and recorded parts of the soundtrack to People Like Us in collaboration with American folk singer-songwriter Liz Phair.

‘I was not familiar with her,’ Rahman said about Phair. ‘Shes in a whole genre of music Ive never been in before.’

The two artists make their greatest impact on the films closing song, Dotted Line, which combines Rahmans rich orchestral sound with Phairs acoustic strummed guitar.

‘He is the opposite of me,’ Phair said. ‘He is a trained, masterful musician. Ive had no training. I dont know what a seventh [chord] is!’